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My Fitness Pal 101- Start on the right track

For those who are planning on tracking their nutrition either to assist their goals. Here is a guide we on how to use my Fitness Pal app.

How to use MyFitnessPal links to the tutorials are as below.

What do I need?

- Food weighing scale.

- Android or iPhone MyFitnessPal app


- Sign up and then log in once completed

- Once you have the bio scan, we can then determine your calories

- Quick add on the plus at the bottom add food

- Select which meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks)

- Type to search your food

- Weigh out your food on the scales and enter the amount

Easier way is to scan your meal or the barcode the more accurate you are the better your result.

Scan your meal tutorial:

Scan bar code tutorial:

Tracking your food can help to ensure that improvements you make in your diet is aligned to the goals of your training and journey.

If you are not sure on what your calories or macronutrient goals/ targets are you can seek out a trainer to calculate them for you using our macro calculator tools.

Screenshot of MyFitnessPal diary page featuring workout log and nutrition tracking, guided by top-notch Personal trainers  Randwick

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