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Mission Statement

To provide a client focused approach to training that supports individual fitness goals in a fun and inclusive environment.

Personal Training

Our qualified trainers provide individualised training programs and sessions. Whether you would like to lose weight, gain muscle, gain strength or improve cardio vascular fitness, our trainers have the knowledge and experience to help you get there.

We are committed to making sure we have the resources to provide a high value service to our clients. As a result, we have also invested in an extensive range of equipment and offer trainers educational opportunities from other industry experts.

At True we also welcome and encourage clients to provide input and feedback on their training programs. Every trainer understands that making a change to improve your health is not easy and the right support can aid in making the journey not only successful but an enjoyable one.

Group Training

True PT provides a variety of group training sessions with the aim of covering all aspects of improving physical fitness. Such as High Intensity Cardio, Mobility & Flexibility, Core Strength, Boxing and Muscular Endurance

What makes True PT's Classes different from the rest is the strong sense of community and fun. We know that mental fitness is as important as physical fitness.

True PT's group training creates an enviroment where both physical and mental health can be improved. 

Powerlifting Coaching

True Personal Training offers a comprehensive Powerlifting Sports Coaching service designed exclusively for athletes. Our 1-1 coaching provides individualized attention to help athletes maximize their performance. We develop specialized programming tailored to each athlete's unique needs, goals, and abilities.

We conduct thorough assessments to analyze strengths, weaknesses, and performance metrics. This data-driven approach allows us to fine-tune training programs for optimal results.


Our coach provide personalized nutritional guidance, helping athletes fuel their bodies effectively, optimize recovery, and achieve peak performance.

We foster a supportive and motivating environment that empowers athletes to push their limits and achieve their full potential.

With our Powerlifting Sports Coaching service, athletes can expect individualized attention, specialized programming, regular testing, nutritional support, injury prevention strategies, and mental resilience training. We are committed to helping athletes excel in their sport and reach new heights of performance.

Tane Deadlift_edited.jpg
8-Week Powerlifting Transformation challenge.jpg
8 week powelifting challenge


  • This gives you access to one of our group classes.

    30 min

    30 Australian dollars
  • This pass gives you unlimited access to all of our group classes.

    30 min

    65 Australian dollars
  • 1 x PT session Per Week, unlimited classes, general studio access.

    30 min

    80 Australian dollars
This photo shows a client at our personal training studio performing a weightlifting exercise, with dumbbells in hand.
Ruth with her Randwick Personal Trainer
Audrey Core Exercise_edited.jpg
Tane Deadlift_edited.jpg
  • 2 x PT sessions Per Week, unlimited classes, general studio access.

    30 min

    140 Australian dollars
  • 3 x PT sessions Per Week, unlimited classes, general studio access.

    30 min

    190 Australian dollars
  • 1-1 Coaching Sessions, Competition Preparation, Nutritional Support

    45 min

    Enquire for pricing
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