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NDIS Personal Training Randwick

True Personal Training provides physical well-being activities to promote and encourage physical well-being, including exercise in a private studio based in Randwick.


We are in the process of becoming NDIS registered we are currently working with Self Managed Participants.

Randwick Personal Trainer assisting an NDIS participant during a workout session at the gym. The trainer is guiding the participant through personalized exercises, fostering a supportive and inclusive fitness environment.
Randwick Personal Trainer supports teenage NDIS participant in gym workout. Inclusive fitness session promotes health and well-being.

Did You Know There Are Four Areas of Support Our Personal Training Service Provide

  1. Core Supports: Assistance with social, economic, and community participation. True Personal Training offers a studio environment and professional staff that facilitate opportunities for social interaction and community engagement.

  2. Capacity Building: Increased social and community participation. A True Personal Training instructor supports participants in regular physical activities, such as walking, aimed at boosting fitness levels and confidence, enabling independent trips to shops.

  3. Capacity Building: Improved health and well-being. A True Personal Training professional provides tailored personal training sessions to enhance the health and well-being of participants.

  4. Capacity Building: Improved daily living skills.

Randwick Personal Trainer guides NDIS participant in empowering boxing training

How It Works 

Undertaking NDIS Personal Training with True PT is broken into three stages. 

  1.  Initial consultation: This is where eligibility is checked, services and procedures are explained.

  2. Service Provision: Support plan is created, implemented and recorded.

  3. Service Management: This relates to invoicing, support plan review and adjustment if required.

Capturing the empowering process of NDIS personal training. Dedicated trainers guide participants through inclusive workouts, fostering strength and well-being.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience and Expertise: Our trainers possess a high level of expertise and experience, ensuring top-notch guidance and support tailored to individual needs. Their knowledge enhances the effectiveness of personal training programs, optimizing results for NDIS participants.

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: We focus on providing a safe and supportive environment specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals. 

  • Trusted Community-Based Facility: As a trusted name in the community, our facility prioritizes building strong relationships and trust with participants. We focus on community integration, creating an environment where individuals feel valued, supported, and motivated to achieve their health and fitness goals within the NDIS framework.

Teenage NDIS Particpant performing Weights Training with NDIS Personal Trainer in Randwick

Applying For NDIS Personal Training

NDIS Personal Trainer exercising with NDIS Participant to improve social cohesion.
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Randwick NDIS Personal Trainer Squatting and Boxing with Down Syndrome NDIS Participant

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Ruth with her Randwick Personal Trainer
NDIS Particpant doing Personal Training in Randwick
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